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Plastnedbrytande enzymer


Enzymatic Recycling of Plastic 

for a Circular Economy

Enzymes adapted to
the green recycling industry of the future

Cyclezyme has developed an enzymatic platform focused on producing enzymes for green biochemical processes. This platform utilizes advanced biotechnological methods to identify and improve enzymes capable of converting e.g. PET-based plastic materials for new building blocks.


The goal is to create enzymes that are tailored to handle specific types of plastic waste, enabling more efficient and environmentally friendly recycling. This platform is central to Cyclezyme's operations and plays a decisive role in the Company's endeavor to contribute to a more sustainable future.


The platform enables careful experiments and analyzes of how different enzymes behave in the breakdown of e.g. PET material. By combining experimental data with advanced data analysis, Cyclezyme can not only refine its enzymes but also optimize the processes for plastic recycling.

Kemiska verk

Cyclezyme contributes to a circular plastic economy

We are proud to be involved and contribute to the development of a circular society when it comes to plastic handling. Through enzymatic recycling of PET-based plastic materials, it will reduce plastic waste and promote the reuse of plastic. Recycling not only contributes to reduced use of virgin raw materials and fossil fuels, but also strengthens the pursuit of a more sustainable management of resources. Cyclezyme works to support the UN's sustainability goals 12 (sustainable consumption and production), 13 (climate measures) and 14 (conserve and sustainably use the oceans and marine resources). We are committed to transforming waste into valuable resources and thus supporting a sustainable and circular economy.

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